Articles and Research

Please download and read the pdf articles and research papers about the many health benefits of Vitamin D.

Benefits and Requirements of Vitamin D for Optimal Health
Call to Action Issued for Vitamin D Levels
Canada Investigates Vitamin D for Swine Flu
COPD Responsiveness to Vitamin D Supplementation
Current Vitamin D Levels Not Enough in Pregnancy
Diagnosis and Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency
Disease Incidence Prevention by Serum 25(OH)D Level
Doctors Advise More Vitamin D for Infants
Epidemic Influenza and Vitamin D
Focus On Vitamin D
High Latitudes and Vitamin D Deficiency
How Strong Is the Evidence UVB and Vitamin D Reduce the Risk of Cancer
How Sunshine and Vitamin D Can Help You Eliminate Mercury
How Vitamin D Slows Prostate Cancer
Increased Primary Cesarean Section Rates with Vitamin D Deficiency
Increased Vitamin D May Protect Against Multiple Sclerosis
Influenza and Vitamin D Medical News Today
Is Low Vitamin D Linked to Swine Flu
Low Level of this Vitamin Found to be Linked to Early Menstruation
Low Levels of Vitamin D Linked to Higher Death Risk
Low Pre-Natal Vitamin D Doubles Schizophrenia Risk
Low Vitamin D Linked to Colds and Flu
Low Vitamin D Linked to Higher Risk of Dementia
Ms and High Doses of Vitamin D
Pneumonia Deaths Linked to Lack of Vitamin D
Premature Delivery and Vitamin D Deficiency
Preventing Cancer How Does It Work
Prostates Protected by Vitamin D
RCT Vitamin D Acute Respiratory Infection
Supplement Breast Fed Babies with Vitamin D
Take Vitamin D and Live Longer
Twisting the Record on Vitamin D
Vitamin D - Stephen Sinatra Md
Vitamin D Abstracts of New Studies
Vitamin D and Autoimmune Diesease
Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease Will It Live Up To Its Hype
Vitamin D and Cholesterol
Vitamin D Better than Vaccines at Preventing Flu
Vitamin D Could Halve Pancreatic Cancer Risk
Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Risk of Heart Disease Danish Study Finds
Vitamin D Discovery Outpaces Fda Decision Making
Vitamin D Dose Response and Cancer Risk
Vitamin D for Cancer Prevention
Vitamin D in a New Light
Vitamin D Levels should be Multiplied by Ten for Children